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    You are given a prefix expression. Write a program which evaluates it.



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    You are writing out a list of numbers.Your list contains all numbers with exactly Di digits in its decimal representation which are equal to i, for each i between 1 and 9, inclusive. You are writing them out in ascending order. For example, you might be writing every number with two ‘1’s and one ‘5’. Your list would begin 115, 151, 511, 1015, 1051. Given N, the last number you wrote, compute what the next number in the list will be. The number of 1s, 2s, …, 9s is fixed but the number of 0s is arbitrary. (más…)


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    You are given a positive integer number. This represents the sales made that day in your department store. The payables department however, needs this printed out in english. NOTE: The correct spelling of 40 is Forty. (NOT Fourty) (más…)


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    You are to design a program which helps you in drawing the skyline of a city. You are given the locations of the buildings represented by triples (L, H, R) where L and R are left and right coordinates of the building and H is the height of the building. All buildings are rectangular in shape and they are standing on a very flat surface (más…)


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    You have a N story building and K eggs. They are especially strong eggs so they’re able to withstand impact up to a certain number of floors.

    Your goal is to identify the number of drops you need make to determine number of floors it can withstand. (más…)


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    You are an analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, and you have intercepted a top secret encrypted message which contains numbers. Each number is obtained by taking an ASCII code of the original character and adding some unknown constant N.

    For example, you can encrypt the word ‘test’ with the condition that N = 11.

    ‘test’ to ASCII -> 116 101 115 116 -> add N to each number-> 127 112 126 127

    Based on previous intelligence reports, you know that the original message includes two identical words consisting of X characters and you know the last letter in the word.

    Your challenge is to decrypt the message. (más…)


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    You will be given an M*N matrix. Each item in this matrix is either a ‘*’ or a ‘.’. A ‘*’ indicates a mine whereas a ‘.’ does not. The objective of the challenge is to output a M*N matrix where each element contains a number (except the positions which actually contain a mine which will remain as ‘*’) which indicates the number of mines adjacent to it. Notice that each position has at most 8 adjacent positions e.g. left, top left, top, top right, right, … (más…)